It's not really the U.S. Open until it's been disrupted by something: in recent years, we've had interrupting squirrels, foul-mouthed women, and um, more squirrels that have invaded the court. And thanks to a very curious bee, we now have something to talk about for 2014.

The bee showed up during the first round match between Venus Williams and Kimiko Date-Krumm (which Williams ultimately won in three sets). Maybe the bee wanted to get closer to the bright yellow balls. Maybe the bee was attracted to the women's sweat. Maybe the bee was just lost. Regardless: "The bee was a challenge," Williams reflected after the match. Check out video of Date-Krumm dancing with the bee below.

According to reports: "After her Japanese opponent 'showed such class' in handling the flying nuisance, 'I would've been remiss to swat it,' Williams said. 'I came up with a strategy to follow her example,' she said." You can really tell how much Williams wanted to kill the bee. Tony Bees would not approve.

Tony Bees In Action

[h/t Tastefully Offensive]