Video footage of three young men "subway surfing" on the back of a train in the Bronx has gone semi-viral since it was posted to Facebook Tuesday by witness Alexander Campos. In the 27 second clip, three men clutch handrails outside of a 4 train as it prepares to embark from the 149th Street station in the Bronx. "Believe that you can make it," an onlooker shouts moments before the train pulls away with all three boys hanging on.

In an interview with Pix11, Campos said he shot the video at around 4 p.m. Tuesday and was in disbelief at the young men's stunt. "I'm like they're stupid," he told the news network. "Why are they getting on the back of the train, they could fall off."

"We see a bunch of kids like trying to squeeze into the train and then they realize they can't fit in so instead of waiting for the next train to come they decide to get on the back of the train," Campos continued.

No deaths or injuries were reported by the New York Fire Department in connection with the subway surfing incident, and a request for comment from the MTA was not returned at press time.

In October 2016, accomplished local photographer Christian Serrano was killed while allegedly "surfing" on the top of an F train in Brooklyn. Another alleged subway surfer, again riding atop the F train, was killed in December.