A 13-year-old was struck and pinned by an NYPD Safety Van in Brooklyn yesterday. The incident happened just after 3 p.m. Wednesday as a school safety agent was driving on Coney Island Avenue in Ditmas Park.

According to the News, the officer swerved to avoid a car in the opposite direction that was turning left, and struck the teen, who had stepped between parked cars on the side of the road.

The teen's backpack got stuck on the van's bumper, and he ended up being pinned underneath the vehicle. "The van was on top of him and people started to panic to try to get it off of him," witness Akmaljon Salimov told the News. A crowd gathered and tried to lift the van to no avail. Thankfully, tow truck driver Jaswinber Singh was driving by at the time, and he hooked up his truck to the NYPD van, and was able to raise the front off of the teen.

You can see how things played out below.

Cops say the teen was taken to Kings County Hospital in stable condition; he suffered a broken leg and a fractured pelvis. Police add that no criminality is suspected, and the investigation is ongoing.