A Long Island family claims that their 13-year-old special needs son was manhandled by a school teacher without provocation. “As a father, seeing a son getting abused like that, and I can’t do nothing,” father Noell Lopez told CBS about the incident, which took place inside a Brentwood middle school in 2012. Now, a surveillance video of the incident (skip to 3:30 below) has been unearthed, showing the teacher pushing, shoving and choking the child:

According to the police report, the teacher defended his actions, claiming the student was cursing on a cellphone and refused to return to class. The teacher told officials that the student grabbed, pushed and shoved the teacher, forcing the teacher to defend himself. But in the video, the teacher appears to be aggressively holding and handling the student, and the student only appears to be resisting slightly. "Had to be a cover-up," Lopez added, "because the precinct told us there was only one video."

“He did this in front of dozens and dozens of people," family attorney Kenneth Mollins said. "And what happened? Well the district covered up the tape that showed it. And the teacher was given a paid vacation, suspended with pay ‘til the end of the year. And now he’s back teaching students.”