Arturas Zuokas, mayor of the Lithuanian town of Vilnius, is a hero to those of us who frequent the city's bike lanes. If a luxury vehicle happens to obstruct them in Vilnius, he is not afraid to use his tank to enforce the law. We dreamed of a day when Mayor Bloomberg and Janette Sadik-Khan will plow over those giant tour buses on the Bowery, but it appears that Zuokas is taking his message to NYC. This video shows him slapping a sticker depicting a tank crushing a car on a Chrysler blocking a bike lane on Prince Street.

In the video, first posted by AnimalNY, Zuokas notes "Someone park car in wrong way," before popping the "Dont Make Me Get The Tank" decal on the driver's side window. While this probably won't get the driver to stop parking in bike lanes, it will inconvenience him almost as much as swerving into the street to avoid his vehicle. Sometimes spite is all you need.