The Yankees do pomp and pageantry well, but they don't have a mascot. The Mets have Mr. Met, but they aren't in the playoffs. Thus, in honor of the start of the playoffs, we want to acknowledge DJ Kitty, the Tampa Bay Rays' sensation who mans the turntable with an ALCS ring around his neck. Plus, he's a cat! Check out his moves to Gucci Mane and The Movement:

According to the St. Petersburg Times, DJ Kitty is the most popular thing about the Rays: "Since mid September, when the new video debuted at Tropicana Field, more than 921,000 people have viewed it online. That's 30 times the number of fans who show up for games — on good days." And Darcy Raymond, the Rays' VP of fan experience, said, "The genesis [for DJ Kitty] really came from the players. They sparked it," but said, "We're not publishing who plays our mascot. That would be like admitting who's inside Mickey Mouse." However, Raymond didn't deny that he owned the cat and said of suggestions that DJ Kitty seemed stoned, "You would too, if you slept in the sun 20 hours a day."

The Yankees face the Twins in Minnesota tonight, with CC Sabathia facing off against Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano.