How drunk is too drunk for 5 p.m. on a Saturday? Neighbors of Flatiron's Pranna have pointed out that The Belligerent Bruncher was just one of many Chaucerian characters who regularly stumble out of the bottomless brunch spot. Now the same videographer who triggered our gag reflex by capturing such phrases as "My dad owns half of Manhattan" and "You think I don't own the cops?" is back with a silent double feature: Pranna Brunch Problems Summer 2014 and Post Pranna Brunch Street Parties.

The 10 minute director's cut of Pranna Brunch Problems Summer 2014 evokes Bertolucci's roguish zeal for the damned tempered with the distilled solemnity of Benicheti's Cousin Jules. Patrons puke, pee, expose themselves, and loll in dank summer street puddles in broad daylight. Pleasure Island on Madison Avenue. At the risk of blunting the director's vision, we have condensed this film into a 4-minute highlight reel.

Please enjoy it with the proper musical accompaniment:

Post Pranna Brunch Street Parties is more subtle ("Say what you will about the commercial appeal of Brunch Problems, you'll never see copies of Street Parties for sale in Urban Outfitters.") and focuses on the difficulty of pedestrians who try and make their way through the crowds that gather outside Pranna. At the 2:31 mark, a man in a stroller runs a gauntlet of inebriated brunchers, exposing his progeny to an early lesson on the pitfalls of the communal consumption of mimosas.

"It's true theres lots of drunks [in NYC]," the videographer says via email. "but at 6 p.m.? People can't walk at 6 p.m.? These bottomless brunches are really annoying to have to walk by puke, pee."

The videographer, who said he filmed the incidents over the course of three weekends and asked to remain anonymous because "I don’t want anyone harassing me or my family," added, "It just seems like these places promote getting stupid drunk in order to make money and then the people that live there have to live with the fallout. I'm sick of it."

Through a spokeswoman, Pranna's owner, Rajiv Sharma, said he viewed the videos and in an email, pledged to make the following changes:

1. We will increase our security outside and do our best to clear the sidewalk faster (as we are seeing doing in several parts of the video).

2. We will continue to have security and management monitor our guests inside and try to prevent them from drinking excessively. 

3.  We have already reduced the brunch reservations by 20 percent to keep patrons under control.

4.  We will look into reducing the hours of serving alcohol during brunch so people will consume less drinks.

5.  We will try and set up meetings with our neighbors regularly to discuss their concerns and try our best to resolve them.

A spokesman for Community Board 5 declined to comment on the videos, stating that the views of CB 5's members will be aired on Wednesday night, when Pranna publicly submits its application to renew their liquor license.

Video editing courtesy of Lauren Evans