Mother Nature has been having a field day with New York! From Hurricane Irene to Hurricane Katia, it's been wall-to-wall weather events. And on Sunday, a tornado touched down upstate. A woman who had been driving on the NY State Thruway pulled over and filmed it! She writes on her YouTube page, "A tornado crossing I-90 near the Mohawk rest area. I had pulled over to ride the storm out & got much more than I bargained for. I want it to be clear that I was NOT in the car because I was planning on hiding from a tornado, I stayed in the car because of the intense cloud-to-ground lightning, the tornado was a surprise. I wasn't expecting to intercept anything but wind & possibly hail, I was simply on my way home from a weekend visiting family."

The woman, Syracuse resident Lindsay Phillips, told the Weather Channel that she's "no stranger to tornadoes. She has seen several, and turned the first one she saw, in North Dakota, into one of her many tattoos."