Police in Suffolk County are investigating a video that shows an officer placing a man in a choke hold and threatening to "beat the living shit" out of him. 22-year-old Michael Schuchman appears to be telling the officer to "get out" of his home when the officer responds by placing his hands around Schuchman's neck. "Otherwise I'll beat the living shit out of you and drag your fucking ass to jail—got it?" the officer says, adding, "I'm telling you right fucking now, you'd better watch your fucking tone with me. I don't care how much you've fucking had to drink tonight."

The Suffolk County Police Department told Newsday that the incident occurred on March 28th, when officers were responding to complaints of a large party at a home in Sound Beach and dispersed the crowd.

Schuchman says no more than 15 people were at his house when police arrived. "I told him multiple times he couldn't come in without a warrant," he told Newsday. "That's why he was mad in the first place." Schuchman told investigators he doesn't want to press charges. "As long as he's learned his lesson, I don't want to get him fired."

Schuchman's aunt, Anna Schuchman, lives next door and says the late-night parties have been getting out of hand. She says that officers have been called several times to disperse crowds, and that the partygoers "taunt" officers by telling them, "I know my rights."

"I'm so very upset about this," Anna Schuchman said of the video. "This cop was doing his job."

In a statement, the SCPD said they were aware of the video and are investigating the matter. "At the conclusion of the investigation, we will take appropriate action."