The MTA is conducting an investigation into two transit workers caught on camera smoking cigarettes in the Christopher Street 1 Train station early Sunday morning, around 5 a.m. The place was probably deserted at that time—except for one whistleblowing customer who videotaped their graveyard-shift break, while they gaze warily at the camera trying to keep their eyes open. Now they're probably going to face severe disciplinary action, and as much as we object to secondhand smoke, we can't help but feel a little sad and sorry for these guys, who probably just wanted a little respite during a long overnight shift.

Reached for comment, an MTA spokesperson told us the incident is being investigated. We asked if there was some exception for smoking before you pass through the turnstiles, and were told that "smoking is prohibited on ALL transit property." That includes outdoor stations like Smith/9th Streets, where we once witnessed a hapless smoker get a ticket for smoking all the way at the end of the platform in the middle of the night.

So if you smoke, either get yourself an MTA uniform or leave the system before reaching for a cigarette—just make sure you're not exhaling smoke in a park or pedestrian plaza or boardwalk or beach or city pool! In other words, to paraphrase Mr. White, if you light up in a dream you'd better wake up and apologize. [Via Gawker]