They say it's unsafe to lean against the subway doors, and that's when you're inside the train—meanwhile, as the video below demonstrates, one individual managed to ride a train while gripping the doors from the outside, like a very stupid starfish. Behold:

He's got that 'I made a big mistake' face #subwaycreatures

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The video was posted to the Instagram account @subwaycreatures, which has also brought us illustrious subway yarns like the Tale of the Humping Yankee Fans and this cute little subway snake. It's not clear which train this happened on, or when, but what is clear is the look of horror in this subway surfer's eyes as he contemplates his life choices, and whether or not he'll be able to make any more in the future.

Note that as viral as a subway surfing video may be, subway surfing is extremely dangerous. Last week a 13-year-old boy ruptured his testicles while surfing on an F train, and several people have died doing the stunt.

When contacted for comment about the video, MTA spokesperson Kevin Ortiz told Gothamist, "Our comment is the same each time your website chooses to promote this illicit behavior by showing it on your website: it’s illegal, unsafe, and it could cost you your life. Don’t do it."