Face it: You're not a real New Yorker until your apartment is christened by a big, husky rat roaming around the place like you owe him two months' rent. Real New Yorker Zach Eustace is downplaying this video by referring to the vermin in question as a "really big mouse," but this unflappable approach to a rat infestation is just so quintessentially New York City. "Eh, it's just a big mouse, they have short life spans, I'll deal with it once its decomposing corpse starts to smell."

In a Reddit thread concerning his cool new roommate, Eustace explains that this video was captured after an exterminator visited his home. Nice work, pal. Eustace adds, "I know-there's construction, and therefore, an empty 1st floor downstairs, which I'am assuming has led to some...openings for fellas like this. We've sent the video to our landlord and fingers crossed. The door leads to a deck/balcony but there's no way I can see he or she could slip through over there."

Whoa whoa whoa, he's got a private deck/balcony situation, too? We've emailed Eustace for more details, and if he decides to vacate the apartment, we'll be taking it.

Remember: as long as the rat's not crawling up through the toilet while you're sitting on it, no harm done. Just be sure to leave the lid up so it can find its way back out.