Straphangers banded together to subdue an emotional disturbed man on a D train this week. According to NBC, the incident started on the subway platform at 34th Street and continued on a Brooklyn-bound D train Thursday evening. Passenger Jessica Valencia told them a man was yelling racial slurs at random straphangers and "he was pushing people, almost pushed people off the platform. He started screaming, saying everyone should die," she said. "We were all slaves, his slaves." You can see her cell phone video of the situation below.

When a woman on the train spoke back to him, the man hit her in the face; the woman hit back and the other riders then joined in and tried to subdue the man. One person tugged on the emergency brake just past the Grand Street station as this was going on, briefly stranding everyone inside the train with the man.

The man was ultimately arrested at the DeKalb Avenue station by police; he was taken to Woodhull Hospital for a psychological evaluation, and charges are pending. At least one person was injured in the scuffle and taken to a local hospital.