There's not much background on this video depicting the violent arrest of a demonstrator last night, but it's still a bracing way to start your day. New School students and their comrades brought the ruckus downtown to show solidarity with students at the University of California, who are occupying various administration buildings on multiple campuses to protest budget cuts and an increase in student fees, among other grievances.

According to one student protest blog, last night's demonstration included activities like "dropping banners off of statues and buildings, crashing New School art parties and decorating the city in solidarity with all the UC occupations!!!" This video shows two arrests, but the NYPD press office did not have any information for us. It's been a while since those peppy New School radicals have given us a crazy arrest video or occupied anything, so it's nice to see they've still got it. They've also been busy putting together a direct action how-to manual, sort of a "Student Occupation for Dummies" [pdf], which includes advice like "occupy fucking everything" and an illustrated guide to barricading doors.