Over the weekend, FOX News columnist trollumnist Suzanne Venker wrote an impassioned piece on the "War On Men," arguing that because "women aren't women anymore," men are less willing to marry them. Stephen Colbert devoted "The Word" segment last night to breaking down the secret war that has "ruffled a lot of lady feathers" in hilarious fashion: "In a nutshell, women are angry and defensive. You need proof? Go up to any single woman and say, 'The reason you're not married is because you're angry and defensive.'" Watch it below.

"Follow Ms Venker's advice, and you single gals will finally be able to live out every woman's wildest dream: marrying a man who doesn't want you to achieve anything." Colbert was so moved by the article, he offered some of his own pro-tips as well: "Just surrender, and those men will come out of the woodwork like cockroaches in a darkened crab shack...Ladies you can do more by doing less. Maybe, stop voting, or stop talking, that's mysterious!"

And he also recommended that Venker follow her own advice and get out of the writing game before she too finds herself on the wrong side of the marriage war: "As a man on behalf of women everywhere, thank you Suzanne Venker. I trust you will lead the charge by getting out of the writing business. Clearly it's not in your nature."