Since Saturday, a coalition of left-leaning groups such as Adbusters and Anonymous have been occupying Wall Street as a mass protest aimed at the corporate culture of greed. Many protesters, who have taken to camping outside of the Financial District, have been arrested for various questionable offenses (such as wearing masks). Last night, Stephen Colbert covered the occupation, and was shocked to find out how little hippie "argle-bargle" there was. Most of the protesters seemed utterly reasonable—although he was able to find one "nut job in a burlap sack with a squirrel hat and goggles that does performance art and puppet shows in the subway." Watch below:

There have been a lot of accusations that the mainstream media have blacked out any coverage on the movement. Now, if only the leaderless resistance movement could come up with a better strategy to get noticed, since "if there’s one thing New Yorkers never ignore, it’s people sleeping in a park."