Stephon Marbury isn't one for keeping his thoughts to himself. Even though his season is still going with the Boston Celtics as they fight to say alive against the Bulls, Marbury sat down and talked to the ESPN news show E:60 about just went wrong with his time with the Knicks. On the transition between the two teams, Marbury said, “You go from being in hell to being in heaven...It was like being in jail."

Stephon has no shortage of explanations on where things went wrong with the Knicks—from feeling like the team put him on the outs as fallout from his role in the Isiah Thomas sexual harassment suit to his unexpected banishment by new Coach Mike D'Antoni.

Marbury also says that he "lost his mind" due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after his father passed away as a result of a heart attack suffered while watching a game at the Garden. A softer side of Starbury comes out discussing that as well as his refusal to boast about his extensive charity work over the years.

Still, you can't talk to the always quotable Steph without a few gems. He tells ESPN why demanding a trade in his third season in the league was "the honorable thing to do" once he decided he no longer wanted to live in Minnesota and how he at one time talked to Coach Isiah Thomas "religiously every day" about basketball and life. In a classic Marbury moment, he's asked about the awkwardness of showing up in the stands at a Knicks game this season in LA while exiled from the team. He says, “To who? It wasn’t awkward to me. I was going to watch a great basketball game. And it was. It was a really good game.