Who doesn't miss Anna Chapman, the redheaded, nipple clamp-loving Russian spy? Since she was sent back to Moscow in July, she's kept out of the limelight and been relatively quiet, except for the occasional Facebook update. Those updates couldn't possibly get her in trouble, and bring her back into our lives, could they??

Of course they can! Chapman is being sued by Russian magazine Zhara (meaning "heat") for putting up photos from an exclusive shoot with them on her Facebook page last week. Unsurprisingly, those photos spread like wildfire across the internet over the weekend. "Our lawyers have already prepared a lawsuit against Chapman over the Internet publication of photographs of her that were taken by our publisher and thus are our intellectual property," said Zhara's chief editor Maksim Korshunov.

The pictures, which feature Chapman in low-cut dresses and incredibly tight mini skirts, were being held until the fall, and were supposed to be Chapman's first public appearance since returning to Russia. In addition to the pictures, a video of the photo shoot was also leaked online (you can see it below). On the upside, it doesn't seem to have hurt her chances at becoming Russia's Next Top Political Model, according to the Guardian: "There seems little doubt that Chapman could follow a similar route [as former spy Andrei Lugovoi, deputy in Russian parliament] and embark on a political career."