A Newark-bound woman has earned the never-coveted distinction of going viral on a Spirit flight, after staging a pre-departure meltdown that involved briefly flashing the plane.

According to the good folks at Viral Hog, the unidentified passenger was apparently flying Spirit Airlines out of Orlando two weeks ago when she was asked by a flight attendant to turn off her phone. Instead, the woman launched into an explicit and incoherent tirade, before going full viral hog and deciding to bend over and twerk in the aisle. This delighted the seated passengers, whom she encouraged to "record all you fucking want."

Many of them did, and so now there are multiple angles of the incident bouncing around the internet. According to one uploader, the woman appeared to be "intoxicated and upset," which, yes, sure seems like it.

More noteworthy, I think, is the initial outpouring of support for the struggling twerker, including one advocate, who shouts: "Proud of you! So trashy, I love it." This affection is apparently misunderstood by the drunk woman, who responds with, "Do something...you pussy-ass." But still, it is nice to see passengers supporting one another.

Spirit: So trashy we love it.