Laguardia Airport's runways are back open after last night's incident where an incoming Southwest Airlines plane's landing gear collapsed while taxiing. A passenger, Anniebell Hanna, said of Flight 345 from Nashville, "When we got ready to land, we nosedived."

Another passenger said, "It sort of came down really fast, and kind of steep. And then it sort of banged, and then it banged again and then it sort of skidded to a stop. It all stopped quicker than you would have thought." A passenger told the Post, "I heard people screaming. We didn’t know if the plane was on fire. The captain didn’t come on the PA or anything." A video of the landing shows a fire.

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The plane was carrying 149 passengers and crew members (there may have been a non-ticketed child on a passenger's lap as well). Ten people were treated for anxiety attacks and bumps while six others were taken to a hospital.

Hanna said the flight had been delayed in Nashville , telling the AP they heard an announcement saying "something was wrong with a tire." A fellow passenger described, "I saw a tire fly off and go to the left and the nose hit flat on the ground, and sparks went flying everywhere."

However, Laguardia's manager said, "There were no indications of problems with the nose gear before landing. There were no radio calls saying their landing gear was not locking."