If you're going to spend $400,000 on a car, you have to also prepare yourself for the possibility that someday, it might be violently severed in half and you won't have it anymore.

That's what happened to this Lamborghini Aventador over the weekend as it glided along a residential street in Mill Basin, Brooklyn—before it was bisected by a Common Mazda. If there's a silver lining for the owner, it's that the whole damn thing was caught by one very well-placed security camera:

We see what appears to be some jackass making a boneheaded left-hand turn in his Miata or some such, careening casually into the oncoming Lambo, which, admittedly, did appear to be traveling pretty quickly. And then, the Aventador just splits in half like a luxury lizard liberating itself from its tail. According to Jalopnik, the self-severing is apparently a built-in safety feature, but...damn. You can practically hear your own wallet swooning in horror.