M Train from Gothamist on Vimeo.

Awwwww. For all the horrors to which we're routinely subjected on the subway, isn't it nice to witness the moment two souls agree to intertwine into one beautiful soul-rope, someday forming the noose that will finish them both? Let me start over.

This morning, surrounded by 20 of their closest friends and family, as well as seven members of the Late Show Gospel Choir and at least a handful of under-caffeinated straphangers, lovebirds Robert Waters and Carley Frese agreed to share their lives together.

As testament to his true, unadulterated love for his soon-to-be-wife, Waters knelt to the floor—the same floor upon which a dead shark once rotted, upon which rivulets of human-sourced effluvium once trickled, the same floor above which an old ratty ass condom once swayed in the gentle subway breeze. But Waters treasures our lurching, often rage-inducing transit system—on his first job interview in the city, he was asked what he most enjoys about New York. His response? The subway.

"I love the idea that the subway is like the beating heart of New York City," he said. "Carley, my fiancée, is not the biggest fan of the subway, and I wanted to make it a special place for her the way that it is for me."

Waters, who secured the choir through the website Gig Salad, requested Taj Mahal's "Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes" for the proposal—the couple's favorite song. With the exception of the gentleman who snarls at the cameraperson to "Excuse me, let me out," the proposal seems to have gone off without a hitch, the surrounding commuters apparently universally charmed by the spectacle. At least it isn't performance art or, God forbid, viral marketing. Unless...