The Youngs are understandably peevish about having their cigs ripped from their mouths by the overbearing hand of Bloomberg—it's the only vice available to them! Except porn. And voting Republican. The blow, of course, will be all the more severe if they have to wait seven more years before they can drink. Filmmaker Jonah Green asked some Angsty Teens with Nose Rings how they feel about the new restrictions. Short answer: Shitty. Long answer: See below!

Young Smokers Respond To NYC's 21+ Law from Jonah Green on Vimeo.

“When you’re 18 you’re considered an adult, and able to make your own fucking decisions, but you can’t decide whether you want to smoke or not," said Angsty Teen With Nose Ring 1. "If you want a vice, take your fucking vice!," said ATWNR 2. "If you choose to be killing yourself slowly, kill yourself slowly! "Everyone’s got a fucking death wish." Ah, youth.