Most of us catch Friday Night Fights on TV at the end of a long day in a dank, cool bar, or at the apartment of that friend who can't resist charging the Pay Per View to his Amex. But riders of the A train yesterday didn't have to leave their seat to satisfy their bloodlust, as full-on fisticuffs broke out at the Broadway Junction stop in East New York. Thanks to the miracles of technology, we have two angles from which to assess the action.

Cheronique Nimmons filmed the first video, and tells us the man in blue "was very drunk...He was showing his Hennessy bottle that he had in a special case." After a woman accused him of touching her, he "threatened to piss on her man," and moved on to talking to the girls seen in the video. As his stop arrives, "he starts to get off and he pushed past a couple of people and when he got to the door he wouldn't get out...He starts talking s**t to the guy in all black," who then pulls a box cutter on the drunk man. The man in the white t-shirt shoves him out, and a sloppy fight ensues. The second video has a perfect angle of the knockout blow.

Nimmons says that eventually the police showed up and looked for the man in blue's magical Hennessy bag, but couldn't find it, and since no one was hurt, "they just looked by the tracks for the guy's book bag and let the train leave the station."

Those annoying train door hiccups seem less annoying than dangerous in light of these videos, given that they take a few attempts to close. And why was the train held at the station for that long? We're still awaiting comment from the MTA. After a long work week, sometimes you'd kill for a good old fashioned quiet shoe-licker.