Not only do people with skinny legs get to wear skinny jeans and not look like (total) asses but they also get to ride the subway for free? That is certainly our takeaway from watching this guy slip right through a turnstile without jumping, limboing or swiping a MetroCard:

Now we've seen some pretty impressive fare beaters over the years (never forget this climbing kid) but something about the nonchalance in the above video made us chuckle. Sadly, though, fare beating is actually not a laughing matter. "No turnstile will ever block every determined fare evader," an MTA spokesman told us after seeing the video, "which is why we work closely with the NYPD to lock them up." Further, according to an audit the MTA loses about $50 million a year to bus farebeaters and a slightly smaller amount to subway farebeaters. Which costs those of us dreading the next fare hike in the end.