The back left tire of a school bus got stuck in a 10-foot-wide, 8-foot-deep hole in the Bronx yesterday afternoon, temporarily stranding a handful of special-needs campers.

FDNY responded to 2075 Creston Avenue near East 180th Street in the West Bronx, just before 3:00 on Thursday afternoon. Firefighters removed all eleven kids from the bus, and no injuries were reported. The News reports that a second bus was sent out to complete the route.

Here's video of the bus driver discovering the hole:

An FDNY spokesman described the 8-foot hole as a "pothole or sinkhole," but added that sinkhole was "more likely," caused by "water involvement" eroding the pavement from beneath.

On Tuesday, a much larger sinkhole swallowed Sunset Park. A third sinkhole is currently opening its hungry maw directly under your desk.