A group of frustrated subway riders who encountered a man standing on the tracks in Brooklyn over the weekend used a variety of tactics to get him to move—including threatening him, begging him, and even trying to fight him.

A video shared with Gothamist shows the man standing on the tracks of the Shepherd Street station in East New York, as bystanders take turns trying to convince him to come back to the platform.

"Yo man get you're ass out of here. We want to go the fuck home, man," said one person.

"My man, go somewhere else and commit suicide," another shouted. "Get your ass up out of here."

"Get the fuck up here so I can fuck you up," added a third man, who appeared to spit at the man on the tracks, and had to be restrained by others from attacking him. The video shows the man on the tracks smiling, and at one point checking his phone.

The person who took the video, who asked that we not use their real name, said that the train was already stopped when he got to the platform at 6:30 a.m., and that the conductor told them the man was lying on the tracks earlier. "I don't think he was trying to kill himself, just probably a little bit too fucked up," the witness said.

"I was pissed at both sides—him because he made me late for work and them because they just started bombing on him," the stranhanger added. "The dude next to me spit on him and then was about to swing...I told him chill and pulled him back."

The video ends with cops arriving on the scene and pulling the man off the tracks safely. A spokesperson for the NYPD said there were no arrests made at the station on Sunday.