An NYPD officer was caught on video hitting a student and cursing at him in a classroom full of students at a Williamsburg high school.

As first reported by NY1, officer Kareem Phillips, assigned to the School Safety Division, struck student Yordy Aragonez, 18, with his baton twice during a tussle on December 21st at the Progress High School in Williamsburg. You can see the incident below:

According to the Daily News, the incident occurred in the middle of a fight at the school. “One kid had bumped into another kid,” a source told the tabloid, adding, “(Aragonez) continued to fight with school officials.” The NYPD says that "“As officers attempted to break up the altercation, an officer used a baton," and added that the incident is under review.

Aragonez told NY1 that while he was involved in the fight, he was defending himself and thought Phillips was coming to help him. "[A]s you can see clearly in the video, I was on the floor, and then he comes in the classroom and slams me into a desk," he said, when asked if he was resisting the officer. "And I was already on the floor. He was just hitting me. I wasn't even trying to get up or nothing." Aragonez says the officer could have calmed him down instead of hitting him.

Aragonez is suing the officer and the city for assault.