A man punched a cop several times as the officer and a partner tried to arrest the man's sister on Friday night, police said. A bystander recorded part of the incident and posted the video to YouTube (the original has since been removed). Police told reporters the incident began when the officers stopped 26-year-old Terrell Mitchell for holding an open bottle of Hennessy at 144th Street and Eighth Avenue, and that his sister Asia Banks stepped in and started pushing the cops.

The clip opens with the man pushing the officers as they grapple with the woman, and shows the man land at least five punches on the male cop, including one to the back of the head that knocks his glasses off. Several bystanders gather, some filming. One man tries to intervene, holding the man police say is Mitchell and seeming to say, "Chill! Chill!" Another person off-camera, threatens to "pop on" the officers if they don't let the woman go.

Near the end of the clip, the female officer reaches to unholster her gun and the woman police say is Banks grabs her wrist. The NYPD told the New York Post that Mitchell fled into the nearby Drew Hamilton Houses and was later caught. He and his sister were reportedly charged with assaulting an officer and obstructing governmental administration. Both officers were treated for minor injuries.