A road rage fistfight ended with a driver ramming a man into the side of a van as he sped from the scene in Greenpoint on Monday afternoon. The Yeshiva World News obtained a video, below, of two men fighting in the middle of the street on the corner of Norman Avenue and McGuinness Blvd around 1 p.m.

It's unclear how the fight started, but one of the men told police that the driver of a white Hyundai was slashing at him with a box cutter.

A bystander, identified by the Yeshiva World News as "a visibly Frum man," (meaning an Orthodox Jewish man) can be seen apparently trying to break up the fight. During this, the man who allegedly wielded the boxcutter opened the passenger door to the victim's black Toyota Camry and grabbed the keys from his ignition, the victim told the NYPD. He ran back into his Hyundai and tried to close the door, but the victim put his arm inside, in an attempt to stop him.

The video shows that he was clinging on, or couldn't release his arm, from inside the car. The Hyundai driver accelerated, with the victim still hanging on, and smashed him into a van. The force of the collision knocked his shoes off, but the victim was not seriously injured.

An NYPD spokesperson said the man was taken to Woodhull Hospital with bruising to his hip and abrasions to his hands. The Hyundai driver fled the scene, and police are currently searching for him.