A Harlem block party that started on Saturday night and lasted through dawn on Sunday ended in a flurry of bottles being thrown at NYPD squad cars, according to videos posted on social media.

No one was arrested or reported injured during the incident—but police did recover several spent shell casings and two fired bullets, an NYPD spokesperson confirmed.

Cops responded after shots were detected via shotspotter technology at 133rd Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard about 3:45 a.m., the department spokesperson said.

No guns were recovered at the scene.

When officers arrived, they tried to disperse the group of about 500 people, when some people began throwing bottles and debris at police, according to the NYPD.

As video shows numerous people throwing bottles and other trash at officers in vehicles, the police cars can be seen backing up—a stark contrast to a month ago when officers drove into a group of protesters in Brooklyn.

The police response appeared to be toned down in comparison to tactics used by the NYPD during protests against police violence in late May and early June—when officers were seen beating people with batons and pepper spraying indiscriminately.

The spokesperson said verbal orders were given to the group to leave overnight.

An NYPD vehicle's windshield and driver's side window were damaged, but no officers were injured and no civilians were reported injured either, according to police.

Another video shows a higher ranking NYPD officer in a white shirt walking in the middle of the crowd on the street, observing the scene, as a group of revelers shoot fireworks off.

Social media posts for a planned cookout Saturday night indicate the 5 a.m. crowd was from that party, which lasted into the night until the sun rose.

"This wasn't a protest this was a gathering with good vibes not a single argument on that corner for over 12 hours," the Instagrammer @bagluck_ wrote. The person said in a direct message to Gothamist, "Everything was cool till the police started harassing people," but did not immediately provide more details.

The cops' union, Police Benevolent Association, quickly used the video to slam Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson for "surrendering our city" and police using a "light touch" in response to shots fired.

A Harlem hair salon owner whose business was nearby the center of the all-night party was frustrated with the bottle-throwers, saying in an Instagram post she doesn't "condone any negativity or violence."

"It's nothing cute about vandalizing where you live or work," wrote Michelle Smalls, who some call the Queen of Harlem. She added she's "happy" Harlem could get together without violence despite the bottle-throwing.

Video posted Sunday morning shows the streets cleaned up.

The NYPD is investigating what happened.

Others who posted on social media at the intersection where bottles were thrown did not respond to our inquiries on Sunday.