New footage from a tourist on a Circle Line cruise showing last Saturday's collision between a small plane and a sightseeing helicopter was released tonight, just as the FAA announced that the air traffic controller and his supervisor at Teterboro Airport in NJ were suspended. Apparently the air traffic controller was on the phone with his girlfriend while handling the small plane's flight and his supervisor had left the room. The FAA said, in a statement, "We learned that the controller handling the Piper flight was involved in apparently inappropriate conversations on the telephone at the time of the accident... We also learned that the supervisor was not present in the building as required."

Nine people—three in the small plane and six in the helicopter—were killed. The Post says the National Transportation Safety Board "learned of the conversation while listening to tapes of Teterboro control tower." Still, FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt said, "We have no reason to believe at this time that these actions contributed to the accident." He added that the two employees were placed on "administrative leave" and the FAA has "begun disciplinary proceedings"; many think they will be fired. The Daily News notes that transcripts show "no problems in the exchange between controllers at the New Jersey airport and the plane's pilot, Steven Altman"—who picked the route down the Hudson— and that "NTSB chairwoman Debbie Hersman has said the controller told Altman to switch his radio over to the Newark tower - and gave the correct frequency - but Newark never made contact."

As for the video, it was taken by an Italian tourist who was trying out a new video camera. The plane appears to be turning when its wing is clipped by the helicopter's blades.

Babbitt also said today that the FAA is considering new safety regulations over the Hudson River, something that local officials have been demanding.