The NYPD has released security camera footage of the two women suspected of snatching $750,000 in jewelry from Knicks forward Derrick Williams.

The video was captured on Friday at the Meatpacking club Up & Down, before the two women departed with Williams' entourage to move the party to his Tribeca apartment, the Post reports. His roommate (?!) was there, too.

Williams, who was celebrating a win over the Sixers, reportedly brought the women to his bedroom, where he presumably had a nice time until he woke up around 4 p.m. the next day. The women were gone, and so was his $6,000 Louis Vuitton jewelry case filled with riches, including four Rolex watches, an Audemars Piguet timepiece and a gold Versace “Jesus” medallion.

Knicks coach Derek Fisher said that Williams' hasn't allowed the incident to distract him.

“We don’t have a curfew like in the NFL or other sports do on certain nights," he said. It’s an unfortunate incident. Derrick hasn’t really spoken about it. It’s very unfortunate.”

Cops are still determining whether the theft is part of a larger pattern of robberies committed by women preying on rich men the meet at bars. An earlier incident involved a watch dealer who claimed two women stole a $600,000 timepiece and $6,000 in cash from him after he picked them up at a Midtown strip club earlier this month.