Strawberry margarita aficionado Shia LaBeouf had a very busy week chasing a homeless man around Times Square, smoking and groping his way through a performance of Cabaret, and spitting at cops as he was hauled off to jail. It feels like this came out of nowhere, but there have been recent warning signs: TMZ has released a bizarre short video of LaBeouf in Midtown a week before his arrest trying to fight a bearded man outside a strip club.

The paparazzi have no idea why the fight was sparked: "LaBeouf is taunting the guy ... trying to convince him to throw a punch," TMZ write. "The photog says it's unclear why they were beefing ... moments later LaBeouf peaced out." He might be a spoiled, grandiose brat on an extended public breakdown who has shown serious signs of mental problems and alcohol dependency, but hey! At least he seems pretty good at shadowboxing!