Since all anyone really wants to talk about today is Hurricane Irene—which had slowed down a little bit by 2 p.m. today according to the National Weather Service but is still "expected to remain a hurricane as it moves along the Mid-Atlantic coast on Sunday"—we would be remiss not to share this legitimately awesome hi-res video that NASA has just released of Hurricane Irene FROM SPACE:

As you can see from the time stamp (and the location of the storm), this was taken yesterday but it still (along with the photo above) gives a good sense of what we're up against. The storm has already moved much further along on its path and isn't stopping anytime soon. For more tracking data you keep your eye on the NWS website. Or try the Times' really nifty interactive tracking map. Meanwhile we'll be keeping you updated all weekend long right here. Watching storms on computer screens in the safety of your own home? Dramatically drier than watching them from outside!