The Seattle cop killer who was fatally shot by a lone police officer Tuesday made a trip to Manhattan in June to tell a Riverside Drive "cyber-minister" that he was Jesus Christ. Maurice Clemmons twice approached Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, first disturbing a June 13th prayer service by rushing the stage and yelling about his divine status, and then confronting Jordan again the next day. Clemmons, it has been revealed, was a regular in the Zoe Ministries spiritual chat rooms during the time he was on the run from charges ranging from vandalism to child rape.

"He said he was Jesus. I was kind of shocked," Jordan tells the Daily News. "We said, 'If you keep talking like that, you will be locked up and put away.' I'm not a professional in mental health, but you can always tell when someone's nuts." Ironically, Jordan himself claims to be a "Master prophet" who sells "prophetic coaching" for a starting price of $1,000. He was "recognized nationally as a prophet" at age 24!

The video below shows a man at Master Prophet Jordan's gala 50th birthday banquet trying to convince everyone that "my friend Maurice Clemmons over there, that's Jesus Christ." Jordan, to his credit, advised Clemmons to go turn himself in, which he did two weeks later in Seattle. But Clemmons was apparently so incensed about his imprisonment that he finally made bail last week, he went out on Sunday morning and shot four cops doing paperwork in a suburban Seattle coffee shop.