Here's a word to the wise: If you're going to confront Sean Avery, don't skate away with your hands down. After Avery hit Colin Fraser during last night's 8-2 rout of the Oilers at MSG, Edmonton defender Ladislav Smid exchanged a few words with Avery and skated off when he was apparently rebuffed. But the Rangers left wing soon had a change of heart, apparently, and decided to sucker punch Smid when he had his defenses down. The benches-clearing brawl that ensued resulted in penalties for eight players adding up to 126 minutes.

This brand of embarrassingly rough play is nothing new for Avery. As one fan told the Post, "It just shows you what kind of guy he is. He'll get his [from] somebody who is bigger and tougher. He'll get what's coming."

No word yet on any fine or suspension. The action starts at about the :30 second mark.

Smid missed practice today and might not play on Wednesday against the Blackhawks. He said, “I asked him (Avery) to go (fight) three times. and he said ‘next shift' It was cheap what he did, but I made a mistake. I should be ready for him.”