A day after news broke that third-place Miss Alaska contestant and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin had signed a multi-year contract to provide political commentary on Fox News, the wolf hunter from Wasilla received a warm welcome from loofah-lover Bill O'Reilly. As a Democratic Party spokesperson quipped, "Not since Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag has there been a couple so well suited for each other." Burn (provided you know who those two are). Of course, Palin was ready to hit back hard at those "pinhead" critics, as O'Reilly calls them:

They don’t like the message. They don’t like the commonsense conservative solution that I think that I represent and I articulate. They don’t like to hear it... I'm grinning today, and I'm so appreciative of the opportunity to get to work with you and the team members here at Fox News to provide the fair and the balanced reporting and analysis voters in this country deserve.

We certainly are getting what we deserve. Of course, three recent polls cited by Good Morning America found that more Americans disapprove of Palin than approve of her, and 67% percent say she's not qualified to be president. Does that mean the elitists are in the majority, and if so, are they still elite? Palin also addressed recent revelations that during the campaign she didn't know why there was a North and South Korea, and didn't know who her son would be fighting in Iraq. Palin dismissed the reportage, cited in a new book called Game Change: "It's a buncha BS... The rest of America doesn't care about that crap... They need to read my book."

Palin will be a periodic guest on Fox News and will also be hosting "a new series of inspirational stories about Americans who overcome adversity." This is all good news for Palin fanatics in the tri-state area, because she'll presumably be turning up at Fox News's Manhattan headquarters, where last night one lonely fan waited outside at 1211 Sixth Avenue in hopes of catching a glimpse of Palin. "She is all about the middle class," Christopher Kiefer told DNA Info."If anyone is going to fight for us, it is her." But when informed that the object of his adoration had slipped out a side entrance without signing an autograph, Kiefter lamented, "This sucks. Unbelievable."

Below, video of her appearance on Fox, plus bonus footage of Palin in action as a TV sportscaster in the '80s:

Part One:

Part Two:

Now, instead of punching a wall and breaking your hand, laugh it off with this classic '80s footage of Palin when she worked as a sportscaster: