On Monday, the hacking group Anonymous revealed the personal information of NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, who allegedly discharged pepper spray on demonstrators during Saturday's Occupy Wall Street protests. Now, a blogger for Daily Kos has released video of a second use of pepper spray by the NYPD showing Deputy Inspector Bologna discharging pepper spray on bystanders, the camera operator, and in the immediate vicinity of a fellow NYPD officer.

The first video is an unedited account, while the second slows down when Bologna seemingly discharges the spray.

Grapski writes:

Moments after the now infamous spraying of the four women Bologna works his way down 12th Street toward University and for no reason begins to spray a person with a video camera (the view of this video), simple bystanders, and others for no apparent reason.  Again his attacks deploy long continuous streams of spray directly affecting unsuspecting officers as well as the innocent victims.  And then, once again, this ranking officer slinks away into the background leaving his victims to fend for themselves.

The Guardian reports that Bologna is named as a defendant in a lawsuit stemming from the arrest of a protestor during the 2004 GOP convention, during which 1,800 people were arrested. Bologna is accused to "false arrest and civil rights violations" for arresting Post A Posr, a man who the NYPD claimed hit another man "with a rolled-up newspaper." Bologna order Posr arrested, and he was held at Pier 57, a special detention facility used during the convention. "A bunch of us were wondering if any of the same guys were involved, Posr's lawyer said, referring to the first video of the pepper-spraying. The suit was filed in 2007 and is expected to be heard in 2012.

The NYPD has yet to respond to requests for comment.