The Republican mayoral primary is getting increasingly bitchy, with candidates Joe Lhota and John "JOBS CATS" Catsimatidis trading attack ads this week. Catsimatidis got things started with a particularly nasty ad going after Lhota for raising subway fares and referring to Port Authority officers "mall cops." Lhota responded in kind with his ace in the hole by unleashing the Kraken Giuliani.

This isn't the first time that NYC's favorite identity theft pitchman has stumped for Lhota, who was a top aide during former Mayor Giuliani's administration. But Lhota confirmed this week that Giuliani will be joining him more frequently on the campaign trail over the next few weeks gearing up for the primary.

So with Giuliani in the mix, you can expect things will only get nastier before then. We do think he deserves special kudos for somehow getting through this :31 second ad without mentioning 9/11 (something he was unable to do in his last pro-Lhota video). But Lhota really should take Robert Downey Jr.'s advice to heart: "Never go full Giuliani."