Someone named "Joey Boots" (if that is your real name) has posted a video on YouTube showing an encounter with a "selfish and inconsiderate bitch" (his words). He explains that he dislocated his knee last week and has a cane and knee brace, which is keeping his leg outstretched. Yesterday morning our hobbling protagonist "got on the 4 train in the Bronx... the seats in the corners have signs above them saying that is seating for disabled/handicapped passengers. So I asked this lady if I could have the seat as I had to stretch my leg out and didn't want others stepping on it or it being in the way of others and she loudly refuses saying I should sit somewhere else... I point out the sign to her and she just starts cussing and refusing to move."

Oh Joey Boots, you could have so easily edited yourself down into the hero of this story—she did hit you after all. But alas, you had to keep rolling and give us the unedited version.

Yes, it is frustrating to encounter a seat hog when someone disabled or pregnant or elderly could use a seat more, however, Mr. Boots admits the train was empty, so did he really have to antagonize a fellow passenger on an early morning commute? Which he did, filming her for much of the ride, calling himself the "the paparazzi for inconsiderate people," and telling the woman she was "fat and ugly" and had "ugly eyebrows... like an alien."

Conclusion: there are no winners here.