Mitt Romney has made things official, by introducing his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, at a campaign stop in Norfolk, Virginia. Of course, things didn't go totally smoothly, since Romney decided to introduce Ryan as "The next President of the United States":

Romney said, "A lot of people in the other party might disagree with Paul Ryan; I don't know anyone that doesn't respect his character and judgment...At a time when the president’s campaign is taking American politics to new lows, we're going to do something v differently. We’re going to talk about aspirations and American ideals and about bringing people together to solve the urgent problems facing our nation." This is sounding awfully hopey-changey!

Of course, why did the risk-averse Romney choose Ryan? David Frum opines in The Daily Beast (also calling it an "awesome ideological gamble") various possibilities, "Like many Republicans, Mitt Romney has been genuinely radicalized since 2008," "Romney's internal polling shows that he is not holding the GOP base," and "The donors demanded it. Romney is raising huge sums of super PAC money from comparatively few people. The result of this financial strategy is to empower donor preferences—and they may prefer Ryan."