Last year, Jimmy Fallon got Mets ace Matt Harvey to ask Mets fans about Matt Harvey in a hilarious bit. Now, with the Yankees ready to face the Seattle Mariners and former Yankee Robinson Cano, Fallon enlisted Cano for some more fun.

Yankees fans said they'd totally boo Cano—who left for a $240 million contract—on his return to Yankee Stadium, so the Tonight Show staffer at Bryant Park told them to yell at a huge cardboard box with Cano's face on it. Take a guess who emerged from the box:

The fans, some of who said things like "You don't belong here!" and "You suck!", were agog when they saw Cano. They eagerly shook his hand and said, "Welcome back!" and "Listen... about that..."

Fallon chatted with Cano about the pressure: