Thousands of workers rioted at a Foxconn factory in the Shanxi province last night, forcing the plant to suspend operations. State-run news media claims that 5,000 police were called in to quell the riot, which resulted in some property damage and the hospitalization of some 40 workers, according to message boards monitored by Engadget. Here's video believed to depict the scene at the factory last night:

One Foxconn employee tells the Times "the disturbance began when workers started brawling with security guards, and eventually led to a huge riot involving more than 1,000 workers." And reports on Chinese social media sites indicate that a security guard struck a worker, sparking a brawl that spread to a riot.

Engadget also reports that according to a provincial website, the plant produces "magnesium alloy components for consumer electronics, heat conduction products, LED lighting products, mobile phone products and magnesium alloy automotive components." But one employee tells the Times that iPhone components are also made there, and last month it was reported that workers processed the back casing of the iPhone 5 there. That undercover report also cited the factory's harsh management and "practically compulsory" over-time work at the plant.