A video of inmates fighting with broomsticks, chairs, and a knife at a Rikers Island housing complex has surfaced.

ABC offers few details, but notes that it went on for "more than an hour" before being broken up by Correction officers. A source with knowledge of the incident tells us that the fight occurred on August 5, 2013, and 11 inmates were injured, five of them seriously. One Correction officer was also injured with a swollen knee.

The Department of Correction released this statement on the fight:

We incarcerate as many as 12,000 inmates every day of the year, many of them difficult and dangerous individuals. Our staff does an exceptional job operating the jails, and on most days the vast majority of housing units operate without incident.

Clearly, this was not the case in this instance. While the housing unit was fully staffed - and a considerable number of staff and supervisors on post in the jail and on Rikers Island responded - there is every indication that this situation could have been handled differently and that this incident went on far too long. An investigation was initiated immediately and will be completed as quickly as possible. Every issue will be thoroughly addressed to prevent a reoccurrence.