If you spend enough time in Williamsburg, sooner or later you'll be passed by a man driving a red Subaru, blasting oldies and singing along at the top of his voice. That's just how Anthony Delia, aka Subaru Dude, rolls. Filmmaker Russel Fong recently rode around with Delia for Free Williamsburg, and the guy is exactly as ebullient as we always hoped. Take a look at Hipsterville through his happy eyes:

Delia admits, "I couldn't carry a note if it had handles." But that's no reason to spit on him, as one local woman does, according to Delia. Another choice quote: "This one guy used to come up to me all the time. He used to tell me he loved the music, he wanted to ride with me, and I had to tell him, 'Cuz, this is a solo act; you can't ride with me.'"

But you can sing with Delia, even if you can't ride with him. Starting tomorrow night, he'll be hosting "CAR-AOKE" every Tuesday night at the new Williamsburg bar The Woods, on South Fourth.