After brutally cracking down on Superman and Batman, Gotham cops have been inexplicably looking the other way on a rival superhero's antics. For the past month and a half, Spider-Man has been running around downtown and in Times Square with a rickshaw. But check out this crazy video: Spidey isn't just pulling a rickshaw, he's using it to propel himself through the air, off the sides of buildings, and parked cars!

This looks like a total blast, which, like most fun things, will not end well. Shaun Emerson, the 30-year-old Spidey in question, has a business card which describes himself as "The Guy That Does That Thing." His acrobatic routine was apparently so popular in Florida he decided to give it a try in NYC. But will the new pedicab laws set to take effect next month steal the web-slinger's thunder? Emerson tells City Room police have left him alone so far, and nobody's been hurt yet: "I think a guy threw up once, but that’s about it."