Just in time for Oscar season comes what appears to be a trailer for a terrifying post-apocalyptic film called President Zero.

Just kidding! It's only a super scary campaign ad from Texas governor Rick Perry. It has all the elements of a brilliant disaster flick. A barren Times Square! Empty subway cars! Abandoned warehouses! Barack Obama! Newscasters alerting us about the terrible poverty rates (without mentioning that those rates are very, very high in Perry's home state).

Luckily, our proposed hero comes in with a recognizable, folksy Texas drawl that we all came so accustomed to twelve years ago. "It's time to get American workin' again," he shouts right before blowin' up a gigantic robot. We're going to be OK, America!

Honestly, this campaign ad looks eerily like Steven Soderbergh's Contagion, but with a dash of President Morgan Freeman from Deep Impact. It could probably use both a diseased Gwyneth Paltrow and a massive comet.