Jets coach Rex Ryan faced the press ahead of the Sunday game against the Chicago Bears...and in the wake of the ihaveprettyfeet videos, which really seem to be of Ryan's wife Michelle showing off her feet to a feet-loving cameraman who sounds a lot like Ryan himself. And the usually bombastic Ryan was unusually downbeat. When asked about the videos, he said, "You know, obviously I knew these questions were coming and things...This is a personal matter and I'm not gonna discuss." When asked if he could confirm whether it was him and his wife, "This is a personal matter and I hope you can respect the fact that I wish not to discuss it."

201012_ihaveprettyfeet.jpgBut the questions kept coming! When asked if it was taking the focus off the team, "I'm ready to play Chicago. We're going to be ready to play Chicago. This is my job. I'm focused." When asked if he could explain how these videos got on YouTube, "This is a personal matter. And you know I really don't want to discuss it." When asked if he had to talk to the Jets organization about it, "Again, it's personal." When asked if his non-denial was basically an admission, "I want to keep things as a personal matter, I'm really not here to discuss it."

When a reporter says a lot of people have commented that it's his wife and it's cool that Rex has a foot fetish, "It's a personal matter." Finally, when asked if he could talk about his wife: "My wife's beautiful, we've been married for 23 years... she's awesome."