Football season is almost upon us, and it seems the Jets have decided to start their annual tradition of completely melting down on and off the field a bit early. The Jets beat the Giants Saturday 24-21 in a preseason game, but that included Geno Smith throwing three interceptions, and Mark Sanchez injuring his throwing arm after Rex Ryan put him into the game in the fourth quarter with backups. It's unclear whether Sanchez will be ready for the season now, and Ryan received immediate criticism for the move—and he responded by totally losing it during the post-game press conference, as you can see below.

After being asked who would be the Jets starting QB to start the year, an angry Ryan invoked America and freedom of speech before shuffling around the podium as he continued not answering questions. It was weird, no doubt, and a clear sign of frustration on Ryan's part.

ESPN hammered him for his decision to put Sanchez in with 11:21 remaining in the fourth quarter of a preseason game. Sanchez seemed surprised he was entering the game, to the point that he was caught off-guard by two footballs at once while rushing to warm up.

Sanchez footballs

"Ryan's challenging season just got a whole lot harder, and he knows it," they wrote. "His behavior in his postgame news conference went from ultra-defensive to bizarre as he parried with reporters who grilled him about his ill-fated decision." Other beat writers were just as vicious:

On the plus side, at least the Jets still have as a quarterback option.